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Snooker Links
(Last update : January 26, 2002)

Here I included some good links to some other snooker pages on the Net. If you wish to be included in this list, you can always contact me by e-mail. I will then visit your site, and if I like it, it will be added to this list...

Best sites around :

World Snooker
The Sportsmaster Network - Snooker
Snooker Net
WWW Snooker
Wheels in Motion
Eric Whitehead Snooker Images

Country Snookersites :

Flag Belgium Belgian Billiards & Snooker Organization
VSF Limburg
AFS Liège
VSF Snooker Antwerpen
Snooker in Hainaut
The Masters Diest new
Happy Snooker
Black Ball snookerclub
Snookerclub The Square Hasselt
Snookerclub Serena
Looise Snookerclub
Dirk Anné's homepage
Oxford Snookerclub
The Pocket Snookerclub, Leuven
Snookerclub Chaos, Leuven
Patrick's Snookerclub, Geraardsbergen
Playball, Hasselt
Enbild SC, Neerpelt
De Grens SC, Molenbeersel
SC Cinex, Begijnendijk
SC Birmingham, Affligem
Snooker Square, Mortsel
Pot Black, Knokke
Twenty One, Molenbeek
Flag UK Snookermania 2000
Richard Taylor "Moss"
Cleveland Billiards & Snooker League
Cuesports Online
Junior Snooker Website
The Vic Harris Snooker League
Totally Snookered !
Frank Sandell Cue-Sport
The Snooker Network
The Cookstown & District Snooker League
Swinton Leisure Centre
Irish Snooker on cue
Global Snooker Centre Website
Cornwall Snooker Scene
Snooker Chat
Osborne's Snooker & Pool, Leicester
Welsh Snooker
Munster Snooker Association
Embassy Snooker
Jimmy White's Cueball
Snooker Coaching "Online"
Nick's World of Snooker
Dave's Website
Alternative view on the game of snooker
Gibraltar Billiards & snooker Association
Snooker Books
Deeside & District Billiards & Snooker League
Flag Netherlands Alkmaar4/Q-it
SC Capelle
Koninklijke Nederlandse Biljartbond
Snooker training centre Nederland
Cor Van Dusschoten's homepage
ZWA Zijde
Snookervereniging Brand
Stichting Snooker Promotie
Flag Germany Official German snooker site
Ingeborg's Snooker Photo Page
Flag France La Fédération Française de Snooker
Flag Austria Official Austrian snooker site
Flag Switzerland Official Swiss snooker site
Flag Egypt Official Egyptian snooker site
Flag Malta Malta Billiards & Snooker Association
Unofficial Maltese snooker site
Flag Canada The Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association
Ontario Billiards & Snooker Association
Flag USA The Green Felt Jungle
Oran Green's Billiard Links
United States Snooker Association
Flag Malaysia Malaysia Snooker & Billiards Federation
Flag Hungary Snooker in Hungary
Flag Denmark Danish Billiard Union
Flag Australia Australian Billiards & Snooker
Snooker Aus
Flag New Zealand New Zealand Billiards & Snooker Association
Flag Brasil Brasilian Irish Snooker
Brasilian Confederation of Billiards and Snooker
Flag United Arab Emirates Dubai Snooker Club

Snooker Newsgroups :

Eric Whitehead

Players sites :

Ken Doherty
Ronnie O'Sullivan
Marco Fu
James Wattana
Willie Thorne

Snooker material :

Book "Il Biliardo" new
Peradon Cues Singapore new
Tayside Snooker Services
Snooker Break
Burroughes and Watts Ltd.
Andrew Gibbs Snooker Cues
BCE Canada Billiards Inc
Burroughes & Watts
Q-case Productions
Billiard Web
Loontjens Biljarts
Hubble & Freeman, English oldest sportshop
PBA International Hong Kong
Snooker Sports Manufacturing
Powerglide cues & accessories

If you know some other good snooker sites, please don't hesitate to and tell me about them...
I would also really appreciate it if you would place a link to my site on yours !!

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